Expertknowledge Healthcare Solutions

Safe inspiration by SMV

SMV hygiene furniture sets new standards by combining hygienic surfaces and robustness with cosy designs and maximum seating comfort. Seamless and hygienic upholstery are the best prerequisites for a well-kept contract area that contributes to people's well-being.
Discover, for example, our stress-reducing furniture series Kahuna (Design by Sylvia Leydecker) for healing environments or our comfortable seating landscape Talau (Design by Sylvia Leydecker) in organic form and various sizes! Sylvia Leydecker is one of Germany's most distinguished interior designers and a leader in the healthcare sector. With her expertise in office and product design, smart material know-how and healing environment, she has added groundbreaking upholstered furniture for health-promoting spaces to the SMV range.

Healtcare solutions with a view to the so-called Healing Environment - a holistic approach in healthcare buildings that considers the organisational and physical environment as a factor influencing the recovery process - are enjoying increasing demand. First and foremost, the Healing Environment approach concerns properties such as hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, surgeries and rehabilitation centres.
In addition, Healtcare solutions are a sensible investment for retirement and nursing homes, schools, day-care centres, public facilities and authorities, offices, shops, fitness centres and much more.