• Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool

Use Tube to expand your seating ensemble and place interesting accents with the cylindrical seating module. Use it as a table to extend your reception area or as an additional seat in the lounge. Make yourself a peaceful oasis for those in-between times.

Article no.: C4121

  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool
  • Tube Stool


The fabric and colour diversity offers variable design options to accentuate your individuality and customize your device to your corporate identity.

Good fire protection properties ensure that all requirements of low flammability are fulfilled. The certification according to DIN 66084 P-a will guarantee a high level of security.

The individual modules of Tube offer infinitely expandable combination variants. Thereby it is possible to create new interior designs again and brings variety to your everyday office.

Dimension in mm:

  • Total height: 350 / 500
  • Total width: 430
  • Total depth: 430
  • Seat height: 350 / 500
  • Seat width: 430
  • Seat depth: 430

Technical Details:

  • self-supporting construction made of wooden composites
  • fabric completely relined with foam
  • seat upholstery approximately 4 cm thick
  • optional certified fire protection finish according to DIN 66084 P-a
  • padding flame-retardant optional according to BS 5852 Part 2, Ignition source 5 (Crib 5)
  • base-frame flame-retardant: optional wooden parts with wood preservative according to DIN 4102 B1
  • upholstery lined optional with fireblocker, certified fire protection according to DIN 54837
  • Flameline: optional non-flammable glass fiber fabric according to DIN 13501-1:A2 and according to DIN 4102 A2
  • optional handle on the sight
  • optional coloured seams in 8 colours
  • planning data (OFML) available
  • suitable to Tube coffee tables