Table frame

PlusMinus keeps you on the straight and narrow. Its modern styling integrates perfectly into any interior design scheme. The easy-care, scratch-resistant table frame combines functional stability with stylish form. The result is both exciting and inspiring.

Article no.: C7485


The table base offers a high level of stability by the central column with foot extensions and promises safety and durability of the table frame.

Its low weight allows it to be easily handled. This rapid change of the spatial concept are possible and take advantage of the versatile applicability of the table.

Dimension in mm:

  • Base frame height: 720 / 1080

Technical Details:

  • Pedestal base with four foot stabilizer, round tube, chrome-plated, powdeed black or white
  • Round tube stand d=70 mm
  • Foot stabilizer d=35 mm
  • With height adjustment
  • Base height 720 or 1080 mm
  • Height 720 mm for boards max. d=800 mm or max. 800x800 mm
  • Height 1080 mm for boards max. d=600 mm or max. 600x600 mm
  • various table tops to choose from

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