Coffee table

A table is for reading, discussing, playing - all this combines Danty with elegance and comfort. The anti-fingerprint solid core panel seems to float on the coffee table. A second Danty can easily be pushed over the other.

Article no.: Danty


Whether individually or as a combination, the small coffee table Danty is an attractive companion. The small table can be fitted under the higher Danty push and allows an exciting design.

Danty's timeless demeanor completes the table. The tabletop has an anti-fingerprint surface, which leaves no fingerprints.

Dimension in mm:

  • Height: 260 / 320
  • Width: 590 / 790
  • Depth: 590 / 790

Technical Details:

  • Coffee tables black, can be pushed over each other
  • Frame round tube black d = 20 mm
  • Solid core plate 12 mm thick black with black core or
  • Full core plate 10 mm thick black with black core with anti-fingerprint surface