Fire protection

Hot but not too hot

Just because your employees are burning with enthusiasm for their work doesn’t mean you have to worry about fire protection. But as it is well known that something can always still happen, we offer flame retardant seating furniture. The special thing about it: you don’t see or feel anything of the fire resistant effect. In this way we offer, without any short cuts, what we do best: comfort and design which everyone will appreciate.

The terms “normal flammability” and “low flammability” are descriptions for the fire behavior of building materials, according to DIN standards 4102 B2 + B1 and A2 + A1. These are issued through an accredited general building authority test certificate for extensively applied floor, wall and ceiling materials.
Upholstery furniture are not a building material! As these usually consist of more than one material they cannot be certified according to DIN 4102 B1. This is technically not possible and it would be contradictory to the standard. And a certification of the single components is not sufficient. The risks of interactions are too high and the requirements too diverse. Instead the DIN standard 66084, class P-c, P-b and P-a “classification of the fire behavior of upholstery composites” is applied. The test standards for the individual classes are DIN EN 1021 part 1 + 2 and DIN 54 341.